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New Scenario for Operation Babylon - THE OASIS
New Scenario for Operation Babylon - THE OASIS
Posted in August 30th, 2015
Scenario 1: THE OASIS

Operation Babylon has started. Significant engagements between the various forces were deep in the desert. Ensure control of as many oases always is the specific plans.

Army Size: Starter Set / 50 points / 100 points
Game Rules: Dust Tactics 2.0 / Babylon Starter Set rule / Dust Tactics Battlefield

- Setting
• Dust Tactics: Two gaming mats, placed with long edges touching.
• Dust Battlefield: Table size 6’ x 4’ (180cm x 120cm) for 100 points. A correspondingly smaller table size can be used for smaller-point battles.
Players alternate placing a terrain item onto the battlefield until all terrain items have been placed accordingly:
• Terrain items: Each player places a total of
1 x building tile
6 x pillar or tree tiles
1 x anti-tank trap
1 x ammo crate.
• Desert Area: Players can place a building tile, pillar tiles, anti-tank trap, and ammo crate in this area. The terrain items cannot block openings into buildings.
• Oasis Area: Players can only place tree tiles and ammo crates in this area. The terrain items cannot block openings into buildings.

- Deployment
Each player's force enters the battlefield along their long edge.

- Objectives
Occupy the oasis area (be within the boundary of the oasis area), or destroy all enemy forces.

- Victory conditions
A player successfully occupies the oasis area by having a unit (other than aircraft) within its boundary, at the end of any turn after turn 3. If this victory condition is not met by the end of turn 8, the player who destroyed the most enemy's army points wins. Or all enemy units on the battlefield are eliminated within eight turns!

- Reserves
Each player may place one eliminated infantry unit and one eliminated vehicle in reserve.

- Game Length
The game lasts for 8 turns.

- Special Rule: Ammo replenish
Once per game, an infantry unit on the same square as their bloc’s ammo crate (or in base contact of their bloc’s ammo crate, in the case of Dust Battlefield), can use the Ammo Replenish special action.
• Roll one die, and on a [Symbol] or [Target], that infantry unit successfully replenishes all limited ammo weapons.

Please download the map as more details