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Elite Member Pre-order today!! TOM & RATTLESNAKE in Operation Babylon
Elite Member Pre-order today!! TOM & RATTLESNAKE in Operation Babylon
Posted in October 10th, 2015
It's been a long time coming... But the Allies now finally have their Elite walker!

We are proud to introduce the Rattlesnake: a unique Bushmaster walker modified to match the specifications of its unique pilot. Tom Jacobs is one of the USMC' best pilots, now using his unmatched skills in the sands of the Middle-East. He's a master of ambush and lightning speed attacks, that even left the evasive Spetsnaz speechless. After months fighting these elusive foes, Tom has turned his attention to the new Axis threat in the region. There's not much they can do to stop him.

As you can see this Elite walker comes with its own unique diorama base, magnetized for the walker and it pilot like all others Elite walkers. Both elements come with a magnetized base as well, should you wish no to use the diorama base. Of course these two models have their own unit card, with the new layout that was released this Summer with the new Starter Sets. These cards are fully compatible with the latest version of Dust Tactics and Dust Battlefield.

As an Elite member, you have a unique opportunity to get your hands on this special version of this famed character of the Dust universe. The base in itself is also an amazing and unique terrain feature!

The Elite Edition models are not just “pre-painted”. What we offer is the exact replica of Vincent Fontaine’s work, Dust Studio’s Master Painter, who has created this whole display and models for the Elite.