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Elite Members Release - LUISA & DEMOLISHER
Elite Members Release - LUISA & DEMOLISHER
Posted in July 17th, 2016
It took some time... but the mercenaries finally have their Elite walker!

We are proud to introduce Luisa and her one of a kind walker Demolisher, modified to match the specifications of its unique pilot. Luisa is famous throughout the Middle-East where she has been fighting with her mercenary sisters for all sides so far, always earning the respect of her foes.

This Elite model is offered with the walker and its pilot magnetized to a single diorama base; in addition both elements have their own magnetized base, in case you rather not use the diorama. The two miniatures are provided with their specific unit card displaying the new 1947 layout. These cards are fully compatible with the latest version of Dust Tactics and Dust Battlefield.

As an Elite member, you have a unique opportunity to get your hands on this special version of a famed Dust character... and the diorama base itself is also an amazing terrain feature!